Seafarer Firefighting Training Complex

Ship Deck structure

The training complex is designed to train seafarers and auxiliary personnel on firefighting basic and advanced technique , to practices with different kind of fire and all different kind of fire extinguisher can be available on-board.

Single personnel training as well as team training is possible, not only in firefighting but also the structure allows to train on emergency evacuation and extraction of injured persons.

Complex layout

The complex can be customized according the available space and needs, typical layout includes:
1 water tanks area
2 broken pipeline training area(open area)
3 Control room
4 Ship Structure
5 Fire tunnel training area
6 external training area (water pool, several fire area also with inclined plane)
7 office complex for class training, offices, locker rooms, etc

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The main ship structure replicates a real ship structure with 4 decks and relative compartments, accessible from outside and/or inside, with stairs that connect the compartments.
Inside the compartments, and outside the decks area, are present all the standard firefighting equipment (and also additional safety systems) that can be found on-board, some mock up of consoles and engine area, and electrical cabinets.
Real weight dummy can be placed inside the deck to simulate people extraction.

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The students can experience with the different firefighting systems, such as:

  • Sprinkler system
  • Low and high expansion foams training device
  • Hand extinguishers
  • Connector for water hose (placed in the external bridge)

The deck structure also include the standard facilities, such as:

  • CCTV system with recording capability (audio/video)
  • Communication system (via portable device or fixed intercom, based on customer requirements)
  • PA system (public address) with speakers for general communication

The system can be fitted also as optional with smoke generators.

The complex can train on the following:

  • Use of different kind of portable fire extinguishers;
  • Use self-contained breathing apparatus;
  • Small fires extinguish (eg electric fires, fires from liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons);
  • Large fires extinguish with different kind of extinguishers water based
  • Fire extinguish with foam, dust and other suitable chemical agent;
  • Enter and cross a room filled with high-expansion foam wearing safety personal apparatus
  • Fire fighting in enclosed spaces filled with smoke wearing safety personal apparatus
  • Fire extinguish in a simulated cabin or engine room, invaded by fire and dense smoke;
  • Hydrocarbon fire (oil) extinguish with different kind of extinguishers
  • Injured person rescue in a smoke filled area wearing safety personal apparatus

Organize, manage and supervise firefighting teams, through the simulation of different emergency situation

The project of the structure and of the plants has been developed following the Italian environmental protection regulation and the Italian requirements for fire fighting training.

The complex has been studied in order to be environmental friendly, to avoid any liquid pollution (waste are pumped into portable tanks to be properly disposed) and to reduce to the minimum possible waste quantity.
As comburent it si possible to use different kind of fuels, included gas (butane or propane) and kerosene for civil use.


5ks and its partner are available to study different solutions, configurations and technical specification for training complex in order to match the specific customer requirements.
5ks and its partner can offer several management and engineering services services or turn-key solutions, depending on the final site country.