5Ks announces the definitive acquisition of Sindel (later ECA-Sindel) has been completed in August 2019.

Sindel was the first company in Italy to develop naval simulators, since 1982 supply naval simulators for merchant marine and defense training centers.

Sindel was the first company to develop windows based systems and distribute computation based simulators.

Still today Mistral and Mars products are the preferred choice for ship handling, navigation, maneuvering training, and advanced defense training, single and multi-platforms, in high dense tactical scenarios.

5Ks is proud to have the opportunity to continue the Sindel’s legacy proposing flexible and cost-effective solutions for merchant marine and defense, and will continue innovating the products to offer cutting edge technology can match any needs.

For the occasion the company logo has been redesigned to incorporate the Sindel name and the distinguish 3 triangles, both well know in naval simulation field

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