5ks can offer many services related to simulation and training equipment, thanks to the wide experience in the field (About us)

Service and remote support
5Ks offer maintenance & service  for all the customer in possess of a Sindel/ECA-Sindel system, being a Mistral-4000 (ShipSim, FMBS, or any other system)  or Mars simulator (ASWTT, STT/Simops, FMBS, etc).
Several formulas of maintenance contract are available, including remote assistance and/or periodic on site visits.

Simulation systems logistic and design support activities
Anti-Obsolescence study to keep the system operative and updated
> feasibility studies for the training equipment installation
support for architectural and engineering building design
on-site support and adaptation/construction works supervision
mechanical design of new components/new parts
> design, set-up and tuning of projection systems

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