CL-ONE is a new center for maritime training and professional services in Chile.

The  center has been certified by the Chilean Maritime Authority as compliant for seafarers training and  the only one in Chile to be certified for Incident investigation and maritime development.

CL-ONE is composed by skilled pilots and personnel able to performs incident investigations, port maneuverability analysis and consultancy in various aspect of the maritime field.

The simulator complex is composed by one main bridge in full mission configuration and two secondary bridge in tug configuration, one instructor and one debriefing room where it is also possible to follow in real-time the exercises. Plus the system have additional modules to being able to perform an extensive exercise analysis and generate reports and graphs.

Already several analysis has been conducted during last year, thanks to the simulator, for recreating incident, near collisions and critical situation assessment.

5Ks is proud that  Mistral simulator is used for advanced and demanding tasks by professionals, proving that a simulator is not only dedicated to pure training but it is a valuable tool also for maritime safety, harbor and traffic management, and maneuverability studies.

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