ASWTT is a complete turn-key solution involving multiple platform acting as task force dedicated primary to ASW training, therefore it involves surface units, air components (ASW fixed and rotary wings force components) as well the subsurface units (acting as friendly or hostile units).

ASWTT is in service among several Asian Navies since many years, has been validated by real experienced operators for its fidelity in recreating the tactical scenario with all the components, and has proven that it is possible to improve the operator’s skill and crew coordination, maintaining the readiness at affordable costs.

Being based on COTS, the system have limited maintenance needs, and thanks to the system architecture that guarantee system efficiency also in case of faulty components, can be used 365 days/year 24/24.

ASWTT can be configured according specific needs, and on request it is possible to customize the system to replicate the real-onboard systems.

The ASWTT has been developed to fulfill the requirements of several Navies asking for
multi-platform simulator(s), able to respond to the demanding requirements for a realistic,
modern and flexible ASW training tool based on COTS [Commercial Off The Shelf]
ASWTT can  perform multiple training, from single operator training
[Sonar, Radar, IR, MAD,CMS, etc] up to multi-platform ASW tactical ops [submarines, surface
vessels and airborne units].


in service ASWTT building layout

Typical ASWTT configuration is:
> 2 or more surface units, configured with Full Mission Bridge, COP and sonars stations
> 1 or more ASW rotary wing unit (typically Lynx), configured with piloting stations and sensor station (Dipping, MAD, sonobuoys) and, if requested,  TACCO (TACtical COordination)
> 1 MPA ASW fixed wing platform (typically P-3C), configured with piloting station, Sonobuoys station(s), TACCO and Sensor Station (Surveillance Radar, Cameras, RWR/ESM)




Operator interface and simulated systems can be generic type or replica type.
In the ASWTT systems in service, some systems are simulated as generic ones (example the Bridges or air piloting stations), while some more crucial ones (like CMS, Sonars, Sonobuoys, TACCO, weapons launchers) are replicating the real-onboard look and feel.
It is a customer choice, 5Ks is able to supply ASWTT as totally generic, totally replica of any mix in between.

example of ASWTT consoles Full replica console Hw and SW (left) and HW generic console with SW replica (right)

Furthermore, it is possible to use AWTT for simulating different platforms and relative systems without the need to have dedicated hardware.
Each platform database includes the on-board system and relative interface type, therefore switching, for instance, from Destroyer to Frigate means that entire unit interfaces (bridge, COP and Sonars) will change accordingly and instantaneously, without the need to reconfigure the whole system.

The underwater acoustic environment simulation, thanks to the SSE [Sonar Simulation
Engine] and the simulated underwater scenario performances [in terms of BT, SVP,
bottom profile, ..], permits operator training on equipment and combat tactics in a
realistic underwater environment.

Weapons, countermeasures and all equipments are simulated with high realism, as well as logistic component (autonomy, ammunition,) is part of the simulation parameters.

Damage evaluation module simulated the effect of hit (direct or indirect) accordingly the inserted data of the weapon and the target and compute the results in real-time.

Tactical link is a crucial part of ASW operations, and it is simulated.

Modern naval warfare scenario components are considered , including the environmental conditions (above and under water) and their effect on the systems (weapons, countermeasures and sensors) and on the emission propagation , making the ASWTT the best cost-effective tool on the market.

Database system is completely accessible by the user and the Navy have the full control of the inserted data and the simulation parameters.