VENICE is a planning support tool and simulation framework developed by 5Ks to provide an effective tool for operational level training.

VENICE for Headquarter Staff and Naval Training Centers has been created in collaboration with Italian Navy experts to meet the requirements of a cost-effectiveness for a training tool supporting operational level planning training, capable to prepare and test/simulate a scenario(s) and its evolution.

VENICE has furthermore a wide range of applications and is a valid tool to train teams involved in Crisis and/or Combat situation management

VENICE can be customized to match any specific doctrine and any training needs.
VENICE is compliant with NATO AJP-5 ‘Allied Joint Doctrine for Operational-Level Planning’.

VENICE can be customized to be used in various field of applications :

  • Naval/AirForce/Army Staff
  • Law Enforcement Headquarter staff
  • Civil Protection Operation Center staff
  • Environmental Protection Agencies Emergency Response team

VENICE uses same interface for both planning and simulation, to minimize learning time and maximize efficency.

VENICE runs on standard commercial PC with MS Windows ®, therefore no dedicated hardware is required

VENICE is a multi-user system: virtually an unlimited number of users canbe connected to the system network; it is furthermore possible to connectusers that are physically remotely located