Bridge Simulator can be configured accordingly customer requirements for matching any training needs.

Mistral-4000 simulators are certified as IMO STCW fully compliant by RINA as well as compliant with DNV-GL0033 as Class A simulators.

Many dozens of FMBS are installed and operative worldwide, in Europe, Asia, South America.

Several configuration are possible,  required bridge(s) layout, visual systems, other system components (instructor, additional secondary past task bridges or classrooms, debriefing, etc) are parameters that define the simulation system configuration to be installed.
5Ks design the system in order to match the customer constrains (space, training type, available budget, etc) and to match customer expectations.

Being the sytem based on modular approach, multiple ship units (bridges or desktop) can be joined together, working integrated together for a cooperative simulation in the same virtual environment or used separately.

The instructor station is able to manage a virtually unlimited number of training session simultaneously.

Any type approved ECDIS can be integrated in the system (brand/model customer choice) as well as any real type approved radar ARPA displays (brand/model customer choice)

FMBS can be delivered with large screen LED displays, with or without bridge Mock-up structure, or with projection system.

It is possible to supply FMBS with physical HFOV (Horizontal Field of view) up to 360°, using large display or projectors.

Merchant Marine

FMBS with projection visual system and real Radar ARPA and ECDIS display

FMBS with 360° projection visual system fitted with real DP2

Apart from high-end FMBS with professional projection systems, that often need large dedicated spaces (and budget),  it is possible to deliver also more compact system, Class A or part/task/ClassB, that can be anytime upgraded.

BridgeSim with large LED display and real radar and ECDIS

FMBS with large Display and real Radard and ECDIS

Fisboat, fastcraft SAR, tugs, special configurations
bridge simulators can also be configured to match particular configuration according the particular needs.

Navy/Coast Guard/Law Enforcement

Navy FMBS typically are more customized in terms of bridge layout, as well as additional module  required (example RAS/FAS, helo decking, RHIB deploy, etc), and sometimes are integrated in more complex system like ASWTT, or coupled with NCSTT.

Many FMBS are actually in service among Navies, Coast Guard , naval academies, public adn private training centers.

Replica bridge with CMS console

FMBS with large projection system with separate ‘look-down’ visual system, including physical wings with maneuvering portable console and binocular console.

FMBS Navy layout with commander seat repeater

FMBS with large display (part of ASWTT)