NCSTT is a product designed and developed for replicating a modern CMS of a warship, it can be used standalone for single operator training and familiarization or used to replicate a multiple operator CMS,  each one with specific roles, authorization levels and functionalities.
It cover the main domain roles in tactical naval warfare, such as AAW, ASuW, ASW.

It is in use among several Navies, as standalone CMS trainer or integrated in ASWTT.

All the typical sensors,weapons and countermeasures  are simulated, as well as tactical link functionalities, EmCon, weapon assignation logic, etc  for a total realism of the simulated battlefield.

The NCSTT can replicate any real system, and thanks to the complete user modicable database it is possible to define in detail each system and subsystem charateristics

It can be used standalone or integrated with a FMBS (Full Mission Bridge Simulator) or be part of a ASWTT

Further a single system can be used as single unit or splitted for opposing forces training.

Select between several already simulated CMS or a customized system for replicating the real-onboard system in service.




A complete parametric database system allows the customer to insert all platforms data, in terms of cinematic performances, installed sensors and systems, signal emission and detection capability, making possible to create or modify the platform data in total autonomy.

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