STT has been developed to be a cost-effective tool to be the ideal tool to train submariners to get confidence with the concept, tactics and strategies of the underwater warfare.

Can be used for basic and intermediate training steps as it uses generic interfaces (having all the fucntionalities of real systems but not replicating a specific one).
Generic is its strengh, it is possible to concentrate on aquiring the awareness and the skill required without being linked to a specific system or fucntionalities.

Obviously, as core activities of 5Ks is also the customization and replication of real systems, real onboard systems can be replicated, to use STT also for advanced ‘final’ training.

Furthermore it can used for active operators to mantain the ‘readyness’ status, as it is possible to recreate combat-like situations that are very difficult to replicate on sea exercises (not to mention the related costs).

The same simulator can be used for generic or replica system, depending on the submarine model loaded for exercise the system automatically adapt the system software.
1 simulation system for many submarine models

STT has been successfully installed and it is in service in several Navy academies and operators tactical training centers in Europe and Asia.
Note: STT has been installed also with the name of SimOps (first product release)

STT has also being installed in decomissioned Submarine for maximum training realism.


Main Characteristics are:
> Generic or real equipment operator interface
> Configurable for parallel single operator training or team training
> Complete and flexible DataBase system for independent customer data management
> Installation in ground-based sites or deployable containers
> Simulation of tactical data link and multiple sensor fusion process
> Realtime underwater acoustic simulation engine
> Can be fully customized to replicate some (or all) the real onboard systems

STT includes typically the following functions:
> Sonar station(s) SonSim
> ESM station(s)
> Radar ARPA station(s)
> Periscope station (available in console or with replica periscope assembly)
> TMA with track fusion capability
> Torpedo Firing Station
> Helmsman station
> Mast control panel
> Navigation devices (AIS, WECDIS, INS)
> tactical plotting table

STT can be integrated with other submarine simulators, such as:
SIS (Submarine IPMS Simulator)
SSNS (Submarine Surface Navigation Simulator)